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The Center for Transportation e-Learning (CTeL) provides accessible, scalable and sustainable online learning that meets the diverse training needs of transportation workers. We use proven e-Learning technology and practices to provide high-quality, low-cost training solutions to transportation workers at small or remote agencies that might not be able to participate in face-to-face training.

CTeL was the vision of Ron Baumgart and Gary Hegland, long-time small urban and rural transit operators. Their transit agency, River Cities Public Transit in Pierre, SD, needed effective and affordable training. But like most of its peers, River Cities wasn't large enough to justify a full-time trainer. And their needs were different from other businesses in their area. Small rural transit agencies have unique compliance requirements as a result of receiving funding from federal and state governmental agencies. In addition, they are complex from an operational perspective. They must manage a complicated system of routes and on-demand services, maintain a fleet, manage long-term capital equipment acquisition plans, and deliver outstanding customer service.

All of which require new hire and ongoing training.


Ron's and Gary's vision was to create a national source for that training using state-of-the-art online learning techniques. And to do it in a way that allowed the expense to be spread across all agencies rather than duplicated by each organization.

CTeL is the result of their vision. Launched in 2012 with initial courses funded through a grant from the Department of Transportation, CTeL is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving transit operations through education. We seek to partner with other industry organizations such as the Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA), the National Rural Transit Assistance Program (National RTAP), state transit associations, transit operators, industry suppliers and others to meet the ongoing educational needs of the industry.

CTeL is managed by ZPG Transit, a division of Zipline Performance Group LLC, with strategic direction and day-to-day input from Ron, Gary and the team at River Cities. ZPG is a leader in educational program development, technology and marketing, and is responsible for all aspects of CTeL's operation and continuing development.

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The Center for Transportation e-Learning is a transit industry service provided by River Cities Public Transit and managed by ZPG Transit.