E-Learning: the flexible, cost-effective solution for transit agencies of all sizes

Small urban and rural transit operators face many challenges as they work to ensure that their staffs are fully prepared to handle the demands of providing safe and cost-effective services to riders, including:


  • Travel time -- Training often requires traveling long distances to attend a class, which can add thousands to the cost.

  • Inflexible schedules -- Transit agencies can’t disrupt service, making it impossible for all employees to attend training at the same time.

  • High costs -- Training can be prohibitively expensive when you factor in the expense of salaries, travel, materials, and the meeting space.

  • Lack of formal training programs and certifications -- Some transit occupations, notably drivers, do not have access to organized curricula or certification programs.

  • Small staff -- Many transit agencies do not have the ability to provide even the most basic training in-house due to their small size.

  • Too much time spent covering the basics -- Many training programs spend considerable time providing participants with introductory information, wasting the time of those already well-versed on the topic and preventing the coverage of advanced topics.

  • Ineffective training -- Not all transit training adheres to modern adult learning standards and practices.

  • Continuity -- Online training ensures that the same material is presented to each student in the same way every time. Even the best classroom trainer has good days and bad. Material gets skipped, emphasis can change, and learners from class to class can leave with a different understanding of what was intended to be taught. With online training, you can be sure that all of your students are exposed to all of the material in the course.


CTeL’s online training overcomes these obstacles. No travel is required. Students study whereever and whenever it’s convenient for them. All they need is a computer and Internet access. There are no travel expenses and scheduling is completely flexible. And it is effective whether you have one student to train or 100.


In addition, online training is affordable. The per-student per-hour cost of online training is typically less expensive than classroom training. And CTeL’s online programs provide industry-standard, career development training for many different transit positions, and some of our programs provide a path to industry certifications.


CTeL’s courses have been developed using state-of-the-art adult learning principles. In addition, they are engaging, entertaining and thought-provoking. Learners are challenged to apply what they are learning and are constantly involved through highly visual interactions.


Put CTeL’s award-winning online training to work for you today!

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