Transit Industry Courses

Hiring the Right Staff

Hiring the Right Staff teaches the skills you need to make good hiring decisions about new drivers, dispatchers, mechanics and other important team members. These critical skills can help save your organization tens of thousands of dollars in addition to reduced employee morale and damaged customer relations.

A robust multimedia learning experience, Hiring the Right Staff provides a fair and legal approach to hiring new employees in the transit industry. It provides guidance on choosing the applicant with the knowledge, skills and abilities for the job as well as the personal characteristics (such as work ethic and stress under pressure) to succeed.

Performance-Based Financial Management

Performance-Based Financial Management helps you understand your agency’s accounting systems and financial data to improve your organization’s performance.

It will teach you the knowledge and practical skills you need to manage the financial complexities of a transit agency, as well as how to use data to improve the organization’s performance. Let’s face it, small urban and rural transit agencies are unique businesses. From Super Circular guidelines to not-for-profit compliance requirements, your bookkeeping, revenue recognition, expense management and reporting requirements are different from most businesses your size. Even educated and trained accounting and financial staff members need to fully understand how we’re different and why.

Community Transportation Supervisor

Whether you are a new supervisor, preparing to become a supervisor, or you’ve been one for a while, Community Transportation Supervisor will show you the difference between your job as a front-line worker and your new role as a supervisor.


Community Transportation Supervisor will teach you how to communicate as a supervisor and how leading a team is different from managing one, as well as begin to equip you with leadership skills. It will demonstrate how to provide feedback and to coach your employees, as well as how to handle conflict and make decisions. It will also provide you with insight into issues like safety, drug and alcohol testing, customer service, risk management and performance measures. And, by completing this online course, participating in the CTAA Certified Community Transit Supervisor two-day class, and passing the certification exam, you can join the growing ranks of Certified Community Transit supervisors!

Wheelchair Securement

Wheelchair Securement teaches drivers correct procedures for wheelchair securement and lift operation. Every transit operator needs this type of training for its drivers, regardless of the number of passengers using wheelchairs that they must board. Driver supervisors and other transit staff should also become familiarized with these procedures.

Wheelchair Securement discusses the common mistakes drivers make, such as skipping a proper equipment inspection, parking on a steeply sloped hill or failing to use the occupant restraint belt. Failure to follow proper procedures may cause a passenger to fall from the lift or get thrown from the wheelchair while the vehicle is in motion—resulting in injuries and insurance claims.

START Online

Safety is our most important responsibility. Through videos, simulations, expert instruction, rich graphics and reinforcing learning exercises, START Onilne, or Safety Training and Rural Transit, demonstrates pre- and post-trip inspections, en route safety, and safely dealing with passengers. It teaches you the basics of safe vehicle operation, including fitness for duty, defensive driving, good safety habits, coping with adverse driving conditions, and other important aspects of driver/operator safety.

Designed by the National Rural Transit Assistance Program (National RTAP) as a complement to the START classroom program, the course has been derived from National RTAP’s Safety Training and Rural Transit program.

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