Hiring the Right Staff

The skills you need to make good hiring decisions


Course Overview

Hiring the Right Staff is an interactive and engaging self-paced, online course that covers the entire hiring process and gives you valuable tools, techniques and resources to hire effectively.


Designed especially for the transit industry by the Center for Transportation e-Learning, Hiring the Right Staff teaches the skills you need to make good hiring decisions about new drivers, dispatchers, mechanics and other important team members.

These critical skills can help save your organization tens of thousands of dollars in addition to reduced employee morale and damaged customer relations.

A robust multimedia learning experience, Hiring the Right Staff provides a fair and legal approach to hiring new employees in the transit industry. It provides guidance on choosing the applicant with the knowledge, skills and abilities for the job as well as the personal characteristics (such as work ethic and stress under pressure) to succeed.

Throughout the course you’ll be guided by a veteran transit manager, Bill, as you learn about each phase of the hiring process: understanding the legal implications of employment laws and social media, defining competencies and researching position requirements, screening applications, contacting top applicants by phone and interviewing them in person, scheduling pre-offer and post-offer testing, designing orientation and training, and much more.

Whether you manage a small urban or regional operation, or supervise a handful of drivers and dispatchers at a rural agency, this practical course offers you up-to-date, transit-specific information about hiring the right staff.

Benefits of Enrolling

  • Make better decisions when selecting applicants for transit positions (including bus drivers, dispatchers and mechanics)

  • Hire the best qualified, loyal and satisfied employees while avoiding costly mistakes

  • Control when and where you learn

  • Study at your own pace, and pick up where you left off

  • Save time: online learning typically takes less time than classroom programs

  • Receive a valuable CTEL Certificate of Completion to add to your industry credentials

Learning Features

  • Professionally produced videos illustrate effective and ineffective ways to conduct phone screening calls and in-person interviews

  • Fast and fun interactive features help maximize learning, application and retention

  • Search tools, topic and content lists help you go right to information you need

  • Module sections organize and facilitate learning:

  1. “Learn” teaches you the knowledge and skills you need

  2. “Connect/Review” connects the instruction to real-world situations

  3. “Test Yourself” helps determine if you understand and can apply the material

  • A pre-test assesses what you know, and a post-test evaluates what you’ve learned

  • Valuable resources are available to download or print, including:

    • Sample job descriptions for drivers, dispatchers and mechanics

    • A summary of hiring laws

    • Sample job applications for common transportation positions

    • A list of competencies for transportation positions and a competency rating scale

    • Recommended procedures for conducting effective reference calls

  • A handy Help Guide is always available with valuable tips on features and sections

  • The course is available to you for a year so you can retake modules, revisit resources or review critical concepts

Course Outline

Hiring the Right Staff contains nine modules covering all aspects of effective hiring:

  1. Legal Aspects—Federal and State employment laws; legal aspects of social media

  2. Preparing—Defining position requirements; developing a position description; creating a vacancy announcement; recruiting; verifying the application form

  3. Screening—Preparing screening criteria; receiving applications; analyzing and rating applications

  4. Interviewing: First Contact—Legal questioning; preparation; phone screening

  5. Interviewing: Preparing for the Interview—Developing questions; designing interview conditions

  6. Interviewing: Conducting the Interview—Asking questions; responding to answers

  7. Interviewing: Evaluating and Following Up—Evaluating the interview; taking next steps

  8. Selecting—Pre-offer testing; reference checks; making the offer; post-offer testing

  9. Orienting—Introducing; onboarding; monitoring


The Introduction explains the purpose, contents, objectives and navigation, and describes the importance of working with Human Resources and the costs of poor hiring. A pre-test helps you discover what you already know about hiring, and a post-test helps you evaluate what you have learned.

Selected Learning Objectives

  • Apply employment laws to guide your compliance with legal hiring practices

  • Evaluate completed job applications for job fit, meeting minimum and desired qualifications

  • Determine during the interview if an applicant has the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities and personal characteristics

  • Evaluate completed interviews using a fair and legal rating system

  • Conduct pre-employment testing to determine an applicant’s effectiveness on the job

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