Community Transportation Supervisor

The skills you need to be the

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Course Overview

Community Transportation Supervisor is an interactive and engaging self-paced, online course that helps provide the knowledge and skills you need to effectively manage others.


Designed especially for the transit industry by the Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA) and CTEL, Community Transportation Supervisor is an integral part of the

CTAA’s Certified Community Transit Supervisor (CCTS) program.

By completing this online course, participating in the CCTS two-day class, and passing the CCTS certification exam, you can join the growing ranks of Certified Community Transit supervisors!

Whether you are a new supervisor, preparing to become a supervisor, or you’ve been one for a while, this course will teach you important skills that are often difficult to learn on the job. It will show you the difference between your job as a front-line worker and your new role as a supervisor. It will teach you how to communicate as a supervisor and how leading a team is different from managing one, as well as begin to equip you with leadership skills. It will demonstrate how to provide feedback and to coach your employees, as well as how to handle conflict and make decisions. It will also provide you with insight into issues like safety, drug and alcohol testing, customer service, risk management and performance measures.

A robust multimedia learning experience, Community Transportation Supervisor is interesting, interactive, informative and fun! Whether you are a supervisor with a small urban or regional operation, or oversee a handful of drivers and dispatchers at a rural agency, this practical course offers you up-to-date, transit-specific information that will transform your career.

Benefits of Enrolling

  • Gain confidence in your new role

  • Get more done by working through others

  • Build your team and develop your team members

  • Start the journey to becoming a leader

  • Understand how to be a motivator, not just a manager

  • Increase your communication skills

Learning Features

  • Fast and fun interactive features help maximize learning, application and retention

  • Simulations put you in the middle of the action and present real-life challenges that you have to use your new supervisory skills and knowledge to solve

  • Search tools, topic and content lists help you go right to information you need

  • Quizzes demonstrate what you’ve learned

  • A glossary demystifies new words and supervisory concepts

  • The course is available to you for a year so you can retake modules, revisit resources or review critical concepts

Course Outline

Community Transportation Supervisor contains seven modules covering all aspects of supervision:

  • Your Role as a Supervisor

  • Succeeding as a New Supervisor

  • Communicating Effectively

  • Leading Your Team

  • Coaching and Counseling Your Team Members

  • Conflict Management and Decision Making

  • The Transit Supervisor’s Responsibilities


The Introduction explains the purpose, contents, objectives and navigation, and describes the importance of learning to become the best supervisor you can be.

Selected Learning Objectives

  • Understand the qualities of effective and ineffective supervisors

  • Describe different leadership styles

  • Apply seven fundamental techniques for adjusting to change

  • Demonstrate the process of delegating tasks to team members

  • Describe at least four active listening techniques

  • List at least eight sender communication barriers and eight receiver barriers

  • Describe best practices for spoken and written communication

  • Define the characteristics of successful teams

  • Identify techniques for motivating a team

  • Discuss the differences between coaching, counseling and progressive discipline

  • Implement techniques for resolving conflicts, negotiating and making decisions

  • Describe the supervisor’s important responsibilities of maintaining safety, drug and alcohol policies, risk management, customer service and performance measurement

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