Wheelchair Securement

Proper lift operations and

securement to ensure

passenger safety


Course Overview

Wheelchair Securement is an award-winning interactive course to help drivers learn the procedures of wheelchair securement and lift operation. These skills are required for safely transporting wheelchair passengers.


The course has been specially designed by the Center for Transportation e-Learning, to meet the distinct needs of rural and small urban organizations with wheelchair-accessible buses and vans.

The student also gains the many benefits offered by online delivery, including convenience of scheduling, engagement through interactivity, and consistency in learning.

The course covers the procedures that drivers must perform effectively:

  1. Picking up and boarding passengers

  2. Securing the wheelchair to the vehicle

  3. Verifying wheelchair securement

  4. Deboarding the passenger

Every transit operator needs this type of training for its drivers, regardless of the number of passengers using wheelchairs that they must board. Driver supervisors and other transit staff should also become familiarized with these procedures.

Wheelchair Securement discusses the common mistakes drivers make, such as skipping a proper equipment inspection, parking on a steeply sloped hill or failing to use the occupant restraint belt. Failure to follow proper procedures may cause a passenger to fall from the lift or get thrown from the wheelchair while the vehicle is in motion—resulting in injuries and insurance claims.

Through unique, animated interactions, the course offers scenarios in which the student learns the procedures of boarding and securing passengers. The student practices each procedure until they get it right. Such interactions help them understand the procedures, identify their mistakes and recognize the importance of getting it right the first time.

Benefits of Enrolling

  • Safely and efficiently board, secure and deboard passengers

  • Keep wheelchair passengers feeling safe and secure

  • Avoid costly mistakes

  • Control when and where you learn

  • Study at your own pace, and pick up where you left off

  • Save time: online learning typically takes less time than classroom programs

  • Receive a valuable CTEL Certificate of Completion to add to your industry credentials

Learning Features

  • Unlimited opportunity to practice boarding and securing

  • Immediate feedback for correct and incorrect choices

  • Full-motion animation to learn, understand and practice wheelchair and driving safety procedures

  • Step-by-step processes for boarding a wheelchair while learning

  • Instruction on what to say to help passengers feel welcomed and secure

  • Scenarios for each major type of securement floor plan (1 track, 2 track, 1 slide & click or 2 slide peg)

  • Exercises to help determine whether the vehicle is safe to drive

  • Interactive menu with selectable topics to allow you to control the order in which you study

  • Important guidelines for boarding, securing and deboarding

  • Help function with tips for screen navigation

  • The course is available to you for a year so you can retake modules, revisit resources or review critical concepts

Course Outline

Wheelchair Securement covers the following topics:

  • Intro to Securement

  • Boarding Guidelines

  • Boarding the Passenger

  • Securing the Chair

  • Electronic Wheelchairs

  • Verifying Securement

  • Ready to Drive

  • Deboarding

  • Closing Remarks


To ensure passenger safety, the driver must perform the procedures accurately for every boarding, securement and deboarding of a wheelchair. The course features interactive scenarios to teach the driver how to properly:

  1. Use a lift to assist in boarding a person into a vehicle

  2. Secure the wheelchair in the vehicle

  3. Adjust the passenger’s seatbelt and shoulder strap

Selected Learning Objectives

After taking this course, the student will be able to:

  • List the consequences of improper wheelchair securement

  • Explain the steps in the process of properly boarding a wheelchair

  • Correct assumptions and mistakes in boarding, securement and deboarding

  • Give instructions to passengers on what will be done while boarding

  • Identify the floor type and the equipment required to secure wheelchairs

  • Explain the steps in the process of properly securing a wheelchair

  • Inspect the front and back of a passenger's securement and verify that there are no issues

  • Explain the steps in the process of properly deboarding a wheelchair

  • Describe the “Smooth, Steady, Even” approach to safe driving

  • Highlight the needs of electronic wheelchairs and scooters, explaining how some of the same securement principles of manual wheelchairs are used

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